• 5 Ways to Prep for Spring Lawn Care

    February 15, 2024
  • As the cold winter months start to fade away and signs of spring begin to appear in Springfield, IL, it becomes evident that the moment has arrived to shift our attention toward preparing our lawns for the upcoming warmer months. If the goal is to create a vibrant, flourishing lawn, a certain amount of effort is required. However, you don’t have to take on this task alone. Our experienced professionals at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape stand ready to offer a helping hand, generously sharing valuable insights on how to nurture your yard to the best health and keep it looking great. Below are five ways to prep for spring lawn care and attain a yard your neighbors are sure to admire.

    1. Clean Up

    The aftermath of winter might have left your lawn in disarray, with remnants of dead plants, debris, and fallen leaves scattered about. Your initial task involves utilizing a rake to gather and remove dead grass, leaves, and branches that have gathered over the colder months. This enhances the visual appeal of your lawn and allows the access of sunlight and air into the soil, thereby encouraging healthy growth. Additionally, this raking process acts as a preventive measure, avoiding the development of diseases by eliminating damp areas where fungi can thrive.

    2. Promote Healthy Roots

    An equally important phase of spring lawn care involves aeration. As time passes, the soil beneath your lawn tends to become tightly packed, creating an obstacle for water, air, and essential nutrients to reach the root zone. Aeration, in simple terms, entails creating small holes in the soil. This method alleviates compaction and encourages improved circulation, which in turn nurtures stronger root systems. Through this process, the roots of the grass can grow deeper into the ground, allowing access to water and vital nutrients more efficiently. Depending on your preference, aeration can be executed using manual tools or powered machinery. Generally recommended for cool-season grasses, this practice finds its sweet spot during the spring or autumn seasons.

    3. Fertilization & Weed Control

    The next step you will want to take in your spring lawn care is to fertilize and say goodbye to those pesky weeds on your lawn. The act of fertilization is important as it works to replenish the nutrients that may have been diminished during the winter months. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when applying fertilizers. Overdoing it can result in excessive growth and the accumulation of thatch, a dense layer of organic matter that can affect your lawn’s health. Simultaneously, spring is a great time to confront the issue of weeds, which can quickly take over a lawn, competing for valuable nutrients and sunlight. Using herbicides becomes a strategic approach to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. By following this step, you are effectively promoting a healthier and more vibrant lawn.

    4. Proper Mowing and Watering

    Proper mowing and watering practices are essential for spring lawn care. As the weather becomes warmer, grass begins to grow rapidly. It’s wise to adjust your lawnmower’s blade height to trim no more than a third of the grass blade’s length in a single mowing session. This careful approach nurtures strong root development and minimizes stress applied to the grass. Water management also plays a vital role during the spring months. With the gradual warming of temperatures, the frequency and duration of watering should be increased. While nourishing your lawn, avoiding overwatering is crucial, as excess moisture can create a breeding ground for fungal diseases. If you are uncertain about the precise mowing techniques to promote healthy growth, you can always lean on the expertise of Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape. Our specialists are ready to offer their insights and quality mowing services to assist you in achieving a thriving lawn.

    5. Reseeding and Repair

    This step involves a deliberate selection of grass seed that aligns with your lawn’s existing type and specific conditions. Once you have selected your grass seed, you will want to make sure your soil is properly prepared by gently loosening the top layer and applying a thin, nurturing layer of compost or topsoil. You will then evenly disperse the chosen grass seed across the designated area and delicately incorporate it into the soil using a light raking technique. If you are unsure of the proper seeding methods, our skilled experts are here to help. At Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape, we assist in seeding services to help you achieve a flourishing and vibrant lawn.

    Reach Out to Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape

    By following these five essential measures for effective spring lawn care, you can enjoy a beautiful, thriving yard throughout the year. Should you require expert guidance in maintaining your Springfield, IL home’s lawn, don’t hesitate to reach out to the skilled professionals at Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape. You can contact us at 217.306.4215 for exceptional lawn care services, including mowing, cleanup, seeding, and more. Rest assured, our dedicated team is committed to nurturing and upholding the vibrancy of your lawn.