• Leveling Your Yard & Its Benefits

    September 15, 2023
  • A well-leveled yard is essential to the overall beauty and functionality of your Springfield, IL property. A level yard provides a smooth and even surface that makes it easy to walk, run, and play on. It also has benefits that can help prevent drainage issues and promote the healthy growth of your lawn and plants. With lawn services from Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape, you can improve the look and quality of your lawn. As you will read below, we will discuss how to level your yard and the benefits of it. Listed below are the steps to take to level your yard and the benefits that come along with it.

    Manage Sunken Areas

    When leveling your lawn, the first step you will want to take is to mow the grass and remove any thatch, a mixture of living and dead plant material larger than half an inch. Once you complete those tasks, you should inspect your yard for any low spots and remove the grass on top of them to reveal the soil underneath.

    Even Out Lawn

    After removing the excess grass and soil, you must fill in the low spots with top-quality soil and compact it firmly with a roller or a tamper. Once you have leveled your yard, you should spread new high-quality grass seeds to encourage healthy grass growth.

    Water Your Lawn

    The final and most critical step is to water your lawn regularly. A sprinkler is recommended as it helps the soil mix settle in the grass and fills any air pockets, promoting healthy growth. Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape can provide expert assistance in leveling your yard and improving your lawn’s appearance.

    Simple To Maintain

    One of the benefits of a level yard is it’s much easier to maintain than an uneven one. When your yard is level, you can mow your lawn easily, and you won’t have to worry about tripping or stumbling over bumps or holes. With a level yard, you can prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted plants and create a much easier yard to care for.

    Enhance Appearance

    A level yard can significantly improve the appearance of your property. When your yard is level, it provides a smooth and even surface that can make your property look more polished and professional. With a level yard, you can further enhance the beauty of your Springfield, IL home and catch the eyes of those passing by or future home buyers.

    Increase Drainage

    One of the most significant benefits of leveling your yard is improved drainage. When your yard is not level, water can accumulate in certain areas and cause waterlogging, which can kill your plants and grass. By leveling your yard, you can ensure that water is distributed evenly and properly drained away from your home.

    Contact Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscaping

    leveling your yard is essential to maintaining a beautiful and functional property. A level yard can improve drainage, simplify maintenance, and enhance aesthetics. By following the steps outlined or contacting Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape through the website or by calling 217.306.4215, you can achieve a level yard and enjoy the benefits for years to come.