• The Benefits of Spring Clean-Up for Your Lawn

    May 15, 2023
  • The spring cleaning of your lawn is a critical phase in preserving the overall health of your lawn and its look. It involves cleaning up your lawn by removing any outside debris that may have gathered over the winter months to prepare it for the following growing season. You can contact Custom Taylor’s Lawn & Landscape if you are seeking a spring clean-up service for your lawn.

    Encourages Healthy Growth

    Lawn cleaning in the springtime removes weeds and thatch, which can deprive the grass of nutrients and water. By removing these barriers, you’re creating a more favorable environment for grass growth. It also allows you to aerate your lawn, which is good for nutrient absorption and water retention. Cleaning up your lawn in the spring in Springfield, IL, helps discourage weed growth and promotes healthy new grass growth.

    Eliminates Dead Debris

    During the fall and winter months, an accumulation of dead leaves, twigs, and other debris can smother your lawn, preventing it from receiving the sunlight and nutrients necessary for its survival. Removing this debris not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your lawn but also increases the flow of air and water across the surface, enabling the grass to breathe and grow properly.

    Prevents Pests and Diseases

    Pests and diseases can be damaging to the health of your lawn. During spring clean-up, removing any debris that can harbor pests and diseases is important. This includes raking away any dead grass or leaves that can serve as insect breeding grounds. By taking these preventative measures, you’re reducing the likelihood of developing lawn diseases and insects. Contact Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape, and we’ll provide lawn cleanup services to help you eliminate unwanted pests.

    Improve The Aesthetic Appeal

    A well-kept lawn is not only good for your lawn’s health, but it is also visually beautiful. Your lawn will look neat and tidy once you remove the dead debris and weeds. It’s also an opportunity to trim any overgrown shrubs or trees obstructing your lawn’s appearance. Furthermore, a well-kept lawn can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to those passing by and potential buyers.

    Reach Out To Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape

    Spring clean-up is an essential step in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. It promotes healthy growth, enhances aesthetic value, and prevents pests and diseases. By investing in this annual maintenance task, you’re ensuring the longevity and sustainability of your lawn. So, grab your rake or contact Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape for a spring lawn clean-up service and prepare your lawn for the growing season ahead.