• Completely Avoidable Landscaping Problems

    February 1, 2023
  • As a homeowner, you probably take a lot of pride in your yard and want it to look its best so you can enjoy basking in its beauty. Ideally, you want an outdoor living space that you can relax in that hopefully won’t require too much maintenance. If that is your goal, consider investing in professional lawn care before you start designing your landscaping. Contact us at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape in Springfield, IL, and our experts will be able to help you avoid common landscaping problems.

    Standing Water After Each Rainfall

    Keeping a healthy lawn when standing water forms after every rainfall can be difficult. This could be caused by issues with your drainage system or elevation changes. Our experts at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape can help find solutions to improve your yard and help eradicate those pesky puddles. Don’t hesitate to address this issue because you don’t want to experience rot or mold. When you want beautiful landscaping and a healthy lawn with no standing water, work with our team for professional lawn care services.

    Unhealthy PH-Levels in Soil

    It’s essential to check the ph levels in your soil and local guidelines before you start your landscaping project. The quality of your soil will directly affect the health of your plants and the success of their growth. If you want your plants to thrive and your landscaping to be beautiful, you should consult with our experts in Springfield, IL, for their professional care. We can test your soil and ensure you have ideal soil and lighting conditions conducive to optimum plant growth.


    One of the most common landscaping problems homeowners deal with is erosion. If your yard has a garden or even a steep slope, you can lose some of your soil anytime you experience a heavy rainstorm. A good solution we suggest is to build a retaining wall to stop erosion from damaging your landscaping. You could also try terracing or layered planting. When in doubt, hire an expert to advise you on what would be best for the individual needs of your yard.

    Lack of Professional Structural Planning with Landscaping

    Proper planning is essential before you start your landscaping project. There’s no harm in consulting with professional lawncare technicians to ensure you’ve thought of everything first. At Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape in Springfield, IL, we will advise you on planting trees, shrubs, and flowers with their future growth in mind, so they’re not too close together. You don’t want to plant too close to your home’s foundation, patios, or walkways. Professional foresight and expertise can help you avoid landscaping mistakes that could cause future problems, not to mention time, money, and stress. So invest in expert help and call 217.306.4215 today!