• How to Remove Weeds from Your Lawn

    November 1, 2022
  • Pesky weeds are no fun to remove but are necessary to protect the integrity of your lawn in Springfield, Illinois. Whether you choose to weed by hand or hire a professional, weeding your landscape will improve curb appeal and keep your grass and garden looking fresh. Unfortunately, weeds have a nasty habit of competing with plants for water, sunlight, space, and nutrients, so by removing them, your lawn and garden won’t suffer from receiving what they need to grow and thrive. Here are the best tips we have to offer at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape on how to irradicate weeds from your property effectively.

    Dig Weeds Out by Hand

    Sometimes the best methods are the simplest. You can treat the weeds in your yard with a good gardening tool and your own two hands. You can use a sickle-blade, dandelion digger, or a Dutch or push hoe to dig weeds out by the root. It’s best to start in the early spring season and weed often to prevent the weeds from growing and spreading. Another good tip is to wet the soil before beginning the weeding proves to make removing the weeds easier. You do want to avoid digging too deeply, however. You don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage to your yard. Plus, weed seeds can be dormant for years, so it may not be necessary to weed that often. If you are having trouble doing yard work, contact our professionals at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape.

    Natural Weed Control

    When you take proper care of your lawn, you keep weeds at bay. A sufficiently cared for lawn is the first step to organically killing those pesky weeds. You can do several things for your yard that will stop weeds in their tracks and prevent future weed growth. For example, if you regularly use an organic lawn fertilizer to help your grass grow thicker, it will effectively choke out the weeds and stop them from appearing. You can also use landscape mulch or fabric to prevent weeds from showing up in your flower beds and around your trees. Underground water irrigation systems can also effectively water your lawn and plants but deny moisture to weed seeds. If you need help with any of these methods, contact our expert team for professional lawn care services.

    Use Organic Herbicides

    When using organic herbicides, it’s essential to thoroughly read the labels and make sure it is safe to use on your grass. The last thing any homeowner wants when caring for their yard is to harm their lawn and see unsightly spots of damage accidentally. It’s best to use natural weed killers in easy-to-use spray bottles. Corn gluten is one herbicide that stops weeds like crabgrass from growing roots. White vinegar kills weeds quickly and naturally and only kills the specific area it touches. Be sure to take safety precautions like gloves and goggles, as this method can burn your skin. Treat the concrete and gravel areas while you treat your lawn, so the weed seeds don’t blow to other parts of your property. This way, your walkways, and driveway remain weed-free.

    Electric Weed Eater/Trimmer

    A standard tool of today is the electric weed eater. Homeowners use an electric weed eater to trim weeds off their grass, especially on the edges of their sidewalks and walkways, giving your lawn a neat and clean look. The electric weed eater is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to use. It is also environmentally friendly and helps quicken the process to decrease the time you need to work on your lawn. In addition, it has an unlimited range and requires very little maintenance. If you don’t want to use an electric weed eater, you could opt for a battery-powered or gas weed eater, depending on which option best suits your needs. Consider investing in one of these tools to make weeding your lawn more manageable, or contact our team at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape to handle your lawn care.

    Get Rid of Your Weeds with Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape

    If you don’t want to manage your lawn or feel your weed problem has gotten out of hand, perhaps you would prefer to call in the experts to give your lawn professional-level care. Here at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape, we are happy to help with our exceptional lawn care services. Let us visit your home and assess the situation so we can determine the best way to treat your lawn. When your home improvement or lawn care projects are causing you stress, our professionals are here to relieve it. So don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Instead, contact our team today at 217.306.4215 and bid those weeds goodbye!