• 10 Tools Everyone Needs for Landscaping

    September 1, 2022
  • Summertime is filled with warm days, blooming flowers, and bright green bushes. But, knowing how to make the most of your garden can be challenging and a little bit intimidating. Having the right tools is the best way to get started, so we have provided an extensive list of gardening tools that are crucial to landscape care. Call Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape to learn about our many services, such as lawn maintenance, landscape design, and landscaping installation!

    Garden Spade / Shovel

    The proper garden spade will help you dig and turn up the soil in the garden, plant trees and flowers, and help dispose of any dead plants. Spades come in many different shapes and sizes, most commonly T or a D shape, depending on what best works for you and your landscape. You must pick a spade that is well-made, durable and requires little maintenance.


    Going back and forth to the garden with small loads of plants and soil may take a lot of time and effort. However, with a wheelbarrow, you will take fewer trips and exert much less effort. Wheelbarrows also come in many different sizes and shapes, and the one that you pick is all dependent on the work you are doing. Pick a wheelbarrow that suits your storage space and garden terrain.

    Leaf Blower

    If your lawn has a lot of trees, you may have a lot of loose leaves that crowd your landscape. A leaf blower may be worth considering if you want to move leaves out of the way quickly. There are many blowers to choose from, but we suggest getting a cordless one, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled. If you don’t want to worry about clearing your landscape, you can call Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape at 217.306.4215 for fall clean-up and complete clean-up services.


    A trimmer is an essential tool in keeping your garden tidy. You can clean up the edges of your lawn and landscape for a professional look. A cordless and string trimmer would be most beneficial and safe for getting the excellent finish you seek.


    A handheld pruner for small bushes and trees will keep them looking neat and professional. While pruning is mainly to get rid of dead branches and tree shaping, it can also help promote new growth in your plants. Call Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape today to get a free estimate on all your pruning, trimming, and gardening needs!

    Garden Hose

    Watering is crucial in keeping your garden green and healthy. A garden hose is essential in your landscape maintenance unless you want to carry heavy watering cans up and down your lawn. Selecting a high-quality garden hose is important if you want it to last. Choose a rubber hose with a 3 or 4 play thickness and one with metal fittings and connectors over plastic ones. These qualities will expand the life of your hose and keep the water pressure high enough for your needs.


    Garden trowels are great for moving smaller amounts of soil when planting flowers and bushes. A good trowel will be made of metal so that it can cut into the soil easier and last longer than the plastic ones. It is also essential to have a trowel with easy-grip handles that are effortless to handle and use while planting in your garden.


    Weeds can bring down the look of your landscape. Using a hoe to move weeds and soil will keep your garden fresh and not overgrown. When buying a garden hoe, make sure you pick one that is the right size for your garden and has a long handle to avoid developing back pain.

    Garden Rake

    A rake is essential for gathering debris and leaves that may be scattered on your lawn. Rather than collecting the debris with your hands, you may use a garden rake to quickly move the mess into one pile to be disposed of easily. When raking, make sure to clean the head because it can become clogged very easily.


    You will need a great pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands and use all the above tools. You may get cuts and scrapes on your hands when doing extensive gardening, but a good pair of gardening gloves will prevent this. When choosing your desired gloves, ensure they are waterproof and thick to deal with thorny plants and twigs.

    Taking care of a landscape can be an extensive and time-consuming task, especially when you are beginning to utilize the tools above. So reach out to Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape to get a free estimate on your lawn. We provide services such as gardening, grading, ice management, landscape design, installation, pruning, seeding, and much more. Call our experts today to get started on the lawn of your dreams!