• How to Water Your Lawn the Right Way

    August 1, 2022
  • If you value your lawn and want it to be healthy, you should follow the proper steps to make sure you’re watering your lawn correctly. You’ll want your grass to grow successfully and be the most vibrant shade of green possible – or at least greener than your neighbor’s, right? If a healthy, thriving lawn is important to you, there are several measures you can take to ensure your yard always looks its best. Continue reading to learn more about how to water your lawn the right way and how Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape can help with the lawn care services we offer. Call us at  217.306.4215 for more information about our services.

    Water Adequately and Deeply

    Roots will develop and grow where the water is, so giving your grass a large intake of water is preferable to little sips throughout the day. Deep watering results in the development of a deep root system. Merely sprinkling the top of the soil results in the formation of a shallow root system. The amount of attention and care you need to devote to your lawn depends on the kind of soil you have. Irrigate simply once or twice a week if you have clay soil. Since sandy soils cannot keep a full inch of water, you will need to break the treatment into 2-3 weekly applications.

    Water Early in the Morning

    The time of day when you water your lawn is important and will affect the quality of your results. The ideal time to water is early in the morning because the grass and plants in your yard will be actively growing and absorbing the necessary water. It is not suggested to water in the middle of the day, since most of the water you apply will evaporate before the plants can absorb it. Evening watering is also not recommended, since the grass will remain moist all night, which may lead to disease and affect the health of your lawn and plants. For the best results, water your lawn early in the morning so your grass doesn’t dry out or get thirsty throughout the day.

    Improve Your Soil

    Another way to truly help your lawn thrive is by taking steps to improve the quality of your soil, like adding organic material. Fill up the holes in your yard with compost or peat moss the next time you aerate your lawn in Springfield, IL. Organic matter will also help with clay soils and sandy soils by allowing water to permeate and be adequately retained rather than draining away.

    As you are discovering now, the actual watering of your lawn is only one part of your overall lawn care routine. To truly ensure the health and vibrance of your lawn, you need to make sure that it not only gets enough water but that it absorbs and retains what it needs so it doesn’t struggle to survive.

    Mow Properly

    This step is critical and makes an impact on your goals for your lawn in Springfield, IL. When mowing your lawn, make sure to mow high and allow the grass cuttings to fall. Tall turf generates a naturally deeper root system. Tall grass blades and grass clippings will shade the soil, maintaining a lower temperature and saving moisture. Lawns that become yellow are those that are mowed too short and have their trimmings collected. Beautiful green lawns will be those that are mowed consistently, but not cut too low so that they’re allowed to grow sufficiently.

    Lawn Care Services in Springfield

    Do you enjoy having a beautiful yard, but hate having to waste your time on lawn maintenance? Instead of stressing over your ever-growing to-do list, trust our lawn care professionals and get a well-maintained yard without the hassle of having to do it yourself. Our skilled staff is efficient and dedicated to completing all jobs to the highest quality. Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape in Springfield, IL offers a variety of lawn care services. If you’re interested, contact us today and let us know how we can improve your home and grant you both satisfaction and peace of mind.

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