• How to Kill Weeds in Springfield Illinois

    May 1, 2022
  • Are you in Springfield IL and anxious about controlling the weeds on your lawn? Maintaining a weed-free lawn can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools in place or you don’t know who to consult.

    At Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape, our experts understand proper weed removal strategies that will keep your garden weed-free all year round. Here are some of the effective weed removal processes and lawn care practices you can implement.

    Select the Proper Lawn Treatment

    Before you start treatment, you’ll need to select the proper yard cleanup and choose an effective lawn treatment that will not harm your lawn. Some of the processes you will conduct include:

    Mowing: This will help you kill weeds and ease the process for grass to grow. Ensure you mow at least once a week to achieve the best results.

    Blowing: Blowing the weed growth can also help to kill them. Ensure you do this regularly to kill off any weed seeds that may have taken root.

    Pesticide application: Pesticides can be an effective way to kill weeds. Apply them according to the label instructions to achieve the desired result.

    Drying: Drying the lawn can help to eliminate any moisture hidden under the weed growth. This will help stop the weed from taking hold and growing stronger.

    Spray With Natural Products

    If you’re struggling to kill weeds in your backyard, spraying weeds with natural killer products is an option you may consider. Some of the best options for this include apple cider vinegar, castor oil, and wormwood oil. These products effectively kill weeds and prevent your yard from being overtaken by weeds. Our experts at Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape located in Springfield IL can guide you further on the best natural product spray you can use to kill weeds in your lawn.

    Employ Cover Plants and Mulch to Carpet the Ground

    Suppose you’re looking for an effective and cost-friendly method to control weeds, then covering plants may be one of the things to consider. They can go a long way to keep weeds in check. One of the ways they suppress weed growth involves blocking stimuli (light) that are necessary for weed germination. In addition, cover plants release allelopathic substances when they decompose, which inhibits weed seeds’ growth. Lastly, cover plants can also promote the development of fungi that are pathogenic to weed seedlings.

    Keep Your Lawn Healthy

    The most important thing you can do to keep your lawn healthy is yard cleanup. A yard cleanup should include removing all leaves, debris, and roots from the ground. This will help prevent the growth of weeds and other plants that may threaten your lawn’s health.

    You can achieve a healthy lawn by using natural landscaping—choose good plants for your soil and climate, keep sidewalks and driveways clean, add a few flowers or trees to create an attractive appearance, and provide drainage.

    Proven Methods to Kill Weeds

    Keeping your lawn healthy and weed-free in Springfield, IL, is key to having a great property. But managing these pesky pests can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right tools or know how to do it yourself.

    That’s where the lawn treatment services come in. You can hire a landscaper expert from Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape to help you with your lawn care needs. They understand the different types of weeds and how to treat them to make your lawn look great and stay healthy all season long. Contact us at 217.306.4215 to get started with lawn installation and lawn maintenance.