• Simple Tips for Trimming Your Hedges

    January 1, 2022
  • Planting hedges on your Springfield IL property is a great way to define your property and to add some privacy without the expense of a fence. However, hedges can quickly become unsightly, sparse, and scraggly if they aren’t trimmed properly and frequently. The good news is it doesn’t take a huge time commitment to keep your hedges in good shape if you know a few trimming tips.

    Trim Your Hedges Regularly

    Waiting until the hedges are overgrown will mean you have to take off so much growth that the hedge will end up looking bare in places. Not only this but trimming once the hedges become unsightly can be harmful to your hedges and leave them exposed for critters to take over. Only take a small amount off your hedges weekly!

    A homeowner with an orange commercial power trimmer to keep the hedges on their property in Springfield, IL clean and maintained.Use Hand Trimmers As Well As Power Trimmers

    Another reason that large hedges get bare and unhealthy in the center is the lack of sunlight. To avoid this, use your hand bypass trimmer to cut into the hedge every few feet to let the sun reach the interior of the hedge.

    Prune in the Winter

    Late winter is the ideal time to prune your hedges before any new buds or growth appears. This is especially important with evergreen hedges since they generally grow more slowly than deciduous hedges. The exception to this rule is flowering hedges, such as forsythia. With flowering hedges, you’ll want to wait until the flowers start to wither in the spring.

    Trim So That the Hedge is Narrower At the Top

    Left to its own devices, a hedge will tend to grow bigger at the top. That’s because it gets more sunlight there. However, not only does this look awkward, but it acts as a canopy and prevents the lower branches of the hedge from getting sufficient sunlight and moisture. You want to invert that shape when you trim so that the bottom of the hedge is larger than the top.

    A homeowner using handheld sheers to trim hedges on their property in Springfield, IL.Keep the Top of Large hedges Even by Using String As A Guide

    It’s difficult to cut the top of your hedge in a straight line without some sort of assistance. Avoid creating an uphill or downhill slant in your hedges by setting a string atop two sticks to use as a cutting guide. Slowly cut along the strings and voila, perfectly straight hedges!

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