• These 4 Flowers Look Great All Year Round

    July 1, 2021
  • One of the most enjoyable activities of the spring and summer seasons is planting a beautiful flower garden around your home! But why only get that joy a few months out of the year, when you can plant flowers that will last well into the fall? Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape specializes in providing expert gardening services for homeowners in the Springfield, IL area. We have dozens of annual flowers that many homeowners forget to consider when crafting their unique garden landscape. Keep reading below to discover the top 4 flowers that are perfect for your yard all year long!

    Sweet Pea

    The sweet pea is one of the most beautiful cool-season flowers that are perfect if you are wanting a colorful and sweet-smelling garden. They are relatively easy to grow and can even bloom into the early winter months when frost settles on the ground. These plants can grow up to six feet tall and can be planted alongside vegetables or most other annual flowers. At Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape, we offer a wide selection of sweet pea color variations to perfectly match your landscaping vision, give a call today to learn more about our gardening services.

    Beautiful white and yellow petunia flowers planted in a wooden planter box that will grow and thrive all year round in Springfield, IL.Petunia

    Petunias are by far one of the most popular annual flowers planted every year. Not only are there a variety of sizes and color combinations to choose from including white, pink, red, salmon, yellow, and lavender, but they can take up a large amount of space as they grow multiple inches per day. If you are interested in crafting a colorful garden, petunias are the way to go! They also repel pests and attract local butterflies due to their heavy pollen growth. Call Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape in Springfield, IL for expert tips on including petunias in your annual garden!

    Sweet Alyssum

    Are you looking for a vibrant low-growing plant to surround the steppingstones leading to your patio? How about covering a large space along the edge of your home? Sweet alyssums are a perfect choice! These tight-growing flowers are perfect for cooler temperatures in the Midwest and can even continue blooming all through fall and even early winter. They vary in color, the most common shades being white, pink, purple, and even a soft cream color. If you are starting late this spring season planting annuals, don’t worry, sweet alyssums can be planted in October and even early November! Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape offers professional gardening services in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas, give us a call today to learn more about landscaping services for your home.

    Large sunflowers growing in a backyard in Springfield, IL while being able to survive all year round.Sunflower

    You may not think of sunflowers as a common addition to a residential garden, however, who can resist these gorgeous, 6 feet tall flowers? Sunflowers are perfect for creating a cottage-style garden that will remain full well into the fall months. Not only do these stunning flowers limit the number of weeds entering your garden, but they attract and provide nourishment for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and birds. Don’t forget, you can eat the seeds too! Call Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape at (217) 306-4215 to have sunflowers and any other annual plants to have your garden flourish all year round.