• Springfield Illinois: Do These 3 Things to Prevent Your Flowers from Dying

    April 1, 2021
  • Springfield, Illinois is a beautiful city to grow flowers. Gardening is one of the many ways to enhance the look of your home by improving the outdoor space quickly and affordably. Learning floral care is essential in keeping your garden thriving throughout the spring and summer seasons. If you have not had much of a green thumb until now, don’t worry. There are ways to take better care of your flowerbeds starting today.

    What You Need to Do to Keep Your Flowers Alive and Thriving

    Healthy soil is needed to provide your flowers with the perfect environment to grow in. Before planting, have the pH balance of the dirt tested by a professional. It will give you an idea of how much fertilizer and compost you’ll need to keep your flowers alive and thriving.

    To continue protecting and caring for your flowers between visits from your landscaper, do the following three things.

    Someone watering garden in Springfield, Illinois.Determine the ideal watering schedule.

    Too much and too little water can kill off your flowers fast. Knowing the precise amount of H2O to give them can prolong their lifespan. If you’re not sure how often to water your flowerbeds, ask your landscaper for advice. They’ll recommend a schedule based on where you live and what you have planted.

    Plant them where they will get the most sun.

    Sunshine is vital to floral care and growth. You’ll find that some locations are better than others for placing your flowerbeds. Working with the landscaper to come up with the best location for your flowers ensures that they’ll get all of the sunshine they need. You’ll just need to make sure that you give them enough water, so they don’t dry out.

    A pair of pruning shears deadheading a white pansy in Springfield, Illinois to promote better growth of the plant.Deadhead dried blooms often.

    The act of ‘deadheading’ blooms allows you to remove old growth to make room for new flowers. Many floral varieties require deadheading regularly to thrive. You may think that the flowers have died off completely. Once you remove the dead, dry blooms, however, you’re surprised with new growth!

    Keeping the beautiful flowers that you had planted in your yard from dying should top your list of priorities. It allows you to enjoy them longer and with fewer visits from your landscaper. Your yard will look like the outdoor paradise you hoped that it would when you first came up with the layout for your space outside. It’s the type of lawn care service worth every penny you spend on it!

    How We Can Assist You With Your Lawn and Landscaping Needs

    Invest in the best landscaping services money can buy. Give your lawn and garden the TLC that it deserves! Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape has you covered. We will set up a regular schedule that allows us to tend to your yard attentively. Contact us through our website or call (217) 306-4215 today to get started!