• Springfield Illinois: 5 Ways Landscaping Can Improve the Value of Your Home

    February 1, 2021
  • Your home’s landscaping, the trees and plants that adorn your property, not only make you feel more in touch with nature, but they can dramatically alter the first impression visitors and potential home buyers get of your home. However, these are just a few of the many benefits of adding landscaping to your property in increase its value.

    Ways landscaping can add value to your home

    Landscaping isn’t just attractive. It can help you get the most for your home when it comes time to sell your property. Keep in mind that the average family moves every six years, so even if you think you’re staying put for a while, it’s wise to plan for the future. Good landscaping can add between 5.5 and 12.7 percent to your home’s value.

    A man putting down sod for a landscaping project in Springfield IllinoisImproving your curb appeal.

    One of the most important ways good landscaping can add value to your home is by making it attractive to potential buyers. If your home does not look inviting on the exterior, those buyers may never make an appointment to see all of the wonderful things on the inside of your home.

    Reducing energy costs.

    Mature trees on your property can dramatically reduce the energy (and thus energy cost) needed to heat and cool your home. This, obviously, can be a big selling point when you go to market your home.

    Adding a food supply.

    Some trees and plants are not only attractive, but also yield food products. These include fruit trees, herbs and perennial vegetables like asparagus, artichokes, and rhubarb.

    A beautiful landscape on a Springfield Illinois propertyDividing your yard into attractive “rooms”.

    Another way your landscaping can appeal to home buyers is to use it to create separate areas around your property, such as an entertainment area, a quiet corner and a children’s play area.

    Lessening yard maintenance.

    Well-planned trees and perennial gardens can mean less lawn to mow and less regular yard maintenance for your prospective home buyers. Many people would pay more for a home that looks wonderful without all the work.

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