• Springfield Illinois: Tips on Keeping Dogs from Pooping on Your Lawn

    January 1, 2021
  • Keeping the yard free from dog poop is arguably the worst part of owning a dog; it’s the price we pay in exchange for all the ways our beloved pets make our lives better. However, cleaning up poop left by a dog that’s not yours is a different story. If a neighborhood dog has taken to using your yard as their potty area, there are a few things you can do to discourage the behavior.

    5 Ways to Prevent Dogs from Pooping in Your Yard

    1. Talk to Your Neighbor

    If you know which dog is pooping in your yard, then your first action should be to have a friendly chat with their owner. Your neighbor may be completely unaware that their dog is taking care of their bathroom needs on your property.

    A metal wired fence in Springfield Illinois.2. Put Up a Barrier

    Worst case scenario, your neighbor is indifferent or becomes hostile when you talk to them. If this happens, then you may consider putting up a barrier. Dogs are creatures of habit, and by putting up a living barrier like a hedge or a line of shrubs or plants, you may be able to encourage them to break that habit and relieve themselves elsewhere. Alternately, putting up a fence is an attractive, year-round solution that keeps unwanted visitors off your property.

    3. Install a Lawn Sprinkler

    If you appreciate your yard’s openness and don’t want to put up a barrier, a motion-activated sprinkler system may provide the negative reinforcement needed to deter the offending dog. After getting wet a few times, the dog will likely learn that your yard should be avoided, and they’ll seek out another place to go.

    A generic no popping sign for a Springfield Illinois lawn4. Discourage Them Through Smells

    Dogs explore and understand their world through smells, and they feel most comfortable in areas with familiar scents. By switching to a different (pet-safe!) fertilizer or planting a few strong-smelling border plants, you may be able to discourage the dog from trespassing.

    5. Use Repellents

    There are several commercial and DIY dog repellents that you can put down. Once again, these are targeted at the dog’s sense of smell, using unpleasant odors to encourage them to stay away.

    At Custom Taylor’d Lawn and Landscape, we have experience in helping Springfield, Illinois, homeowners resolve a wide array of nuisances, including trespassing animals. Talk to us today and let us help you come up with the best solution for your yard.