• How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Colder Weather in Springfield Illinois

    October 1, 2020
  • When you picture a well-maintained lawn, you picture it in the summer, when the grass is green, the sun is hot, and the flowers are blooming. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought into winter lawn care, or what a professional landscaper might recommend for maintaining your lawn in colder weather. Here are some things you should consider doing to keep your lawn healthy when the temperature falls.

    lawn aerator springfield illinoisAerate Before the Frost

    Pay attention when the weather starts to turn – you need to know when the first frost will fall across the landscape. A few days before frost hits, aerate your lawn. This gives your grass a chance to breathe and removes any compaction issues that your lawn might have experienced over the summer. After your lawn is aerated, your next lawn care tactic will be to fertilize the grass. Roots absorb and store nutrients over the long winter months, and when spring rolls around, your lawn will use those nutrients to grow healthy and vibrant.

    Keep Off the Lawn

    It sounds like something from a movie, but it’s true – when your lawn is covered in frost, it’s best to avoid walking over it. Your grass isn’t as strong in the winter, which means each footstep does more damage – particularly if they follow the same path repeatedly. Try to keep off your lawn, if possible.

    raking leaves springfield illinoisLet Your Lawn Breathe

    You might have heard your landscaper mention that your lawn needs to breathe, but you don’t know what that means. It’s relatively simple – when debris piles on top of your lawn, it suffocates the grass and causes issues. The most common cause? Piles of leaves from fall. The leaves get wet and matted into the grass, preventing your lawn from getting the air it needs. Either mulch the leaves or rake them up.

    Leaves are not the only issue in Springfield, Illinois, however. Check your landscape for any toys or lawn furniture that could block sun and air from reaching your grass.

    A Great Summer Landscape Starts in the Winter

    Lawn care is something you need to focus on all year, so don’t wait until late spring to start giving your lawn the things it needs to be healthy. With these tips, you will be able to keep your lawn healthy no matter how cold the weather gets. For the best winter lawn care results, consult with Custom Taylor’d Lawn today!