• Easy Ways to Maintain Your Trees in the Winter

    June 1, 2020
  • Although trees become dormant to survive the harsh conditions that are associated with winter, this natural survival mechanism does not protect them from other winter-related elements, such as hibernating animals that tend to hole up in snug spots. Winter conditions are also known to cause significant stress on trees, especially the young ones that are yet to develop defense mechanisms such as thick barks and wide-spreading root systems. Below is a rundown of some simple tree care tips that you can count on to maintain your trees in the winter.

    person providing mulch for tree care during the winter springfield illinoisMulching

    In early winter or late fall, it is important for you to add a thin layer of or organic mulch below your tree’s drip line. This serves to insulate the tree roots and the soil against extreme temperatures. It also minimizes the loss of water from the soil. However, you have to remember that the mulch should not directly touch the tree trunk. You also have to keep in mind that mulching should only be done after the ground is already frozen to prevent small rodents from creating their homes in the mulch during winter.


    The winter is an excellent season for tree pruning. After the leaves have fallen, you can easily see the problematic branches and cut them off. Pruning during dormancy is also known to prevent the spread of pests and diseases since the disease-causing organisms are also dormant.


    During winter, the barks of younger trees can become an easy source of food for voles and rabbits. Unfortunately, this exposes the inner wood, and if the bark is chewed halfway around the trunk, then the tree may not survive. Therefore, it is wise for you to protect the tree trunk using plastic tree guards. However, this should only be done past the snow line. Another option would be to cage the tree trunk using chicken wire.

    Clear Snowperson shoveling snow for tree health in the winter springfield illinois

    During winter, it is obvious that snow is going to accumulate on tree branches. Unfortunately, this means that the branches will be forced to carry more weight than they should, and consequently, they may get damaged. To get rid of the snow, you can try pushing the limbs upwards. However, you should not try to break the ice since this may damage the tree. You can instead sprinkle warm water on the tree using a hosepipe connected to a hot water tap.

    The Bottom Line

    Overall, it is apparent that trees also face a number of challenges during the winter. However, there are several things that you can do to keep your trees healthy and strong even during the winter. Alternatively, if you do not have time to work on your home’s landscape, then you can call a reliable Springfield, IL arborist to help you maintain your trees during winter.