• Planting: When to plant flowers, trees, and more

    February 3, 2020
  • planting flowers springfield illinoisA Blossomed Springfield IL

    As they blossom and take new forms each day, plants, flowers, hedges, and the likes make our living spaces more serene. They resemble the true meaning of life. Just as we take care of our bodies and conduct the expected daily regime to stay healthy, plants too require proper care and a robust foundation that entails well-manicured soil, adequate lighting and just the right amount of watering.

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    when to plant flowers springfield illinoisTime to plant in consideration with weather patterns

    We cannot assume the impact that the weather has on how flowers flourish. During the frost season, tender plants ought to be protected from the harsh cold weather at least until the approach of spring. The intention here is to plant the seedlings indoors and consider transferring them outdoors for an ambient spring season. Light is a crucial element for healthy seedlings hence the importance of installing a fluorescent lamp or placing a heating pad beneath the seedbed when considering indoor planting is paramount.

    Plants such as (Cosmos spp.) that thrive in the warm season can be sown indoors in March in anticipation of a bloomy summer whereas cooler- season flowers such as (Clarkia spp.) can be sown directly into the ground anticipating a bloomy late spring.


    Shrubs such as roses can be planted during the early winter season to bring out popping colors during the warmer seasons as by this time the soils’ ground is not waterlogged or hard.


    As the ground becomes warm and more comfortable to work with, plants such as lilies thrive well during this season before their bulbs dry out.


    Gardens blossom with fuchsias, petunias, and begonias during the summer season as you can plant various flowers as frost risk decreases.


    Leaves boast their beauty during the autumn season. Berry shrubs and Katsura trees bring out shades of orange, yellow, red and black as the season progresses.