• What is vegetation control, and why is it important?

    December 23, 2019
  • What is Vegetation Control?

    the importance of vegetation control in springfield illinoisVegetation control is the process of removing unwanted plants, weeds, and other vegetation. The method of vegetation control can seem simple, but it can be quite challenging to get right the first time around. Manual vegetation control is difficult. Workers have to make sure they cut the plant in the correct spots, and often, the entire process will have to be repeated a few times throughout the year. Chemical control is much more popular nowadays, but even that takes practice in knowing which chemicals to choose for safety, how much to use, and how to avoid accidentally killing your desirable plants.

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    Why is Vegetation Control Important?

    Controlling your vegetation is important for three main reasons: aesthetics, safety, and the health of desired vegetation.


    Weeds and unwanted vegetation can ruin the aesthetics of the garden you invested so much time in. The weeds can ruin the color scheme of your garden and can start to crowd and block out your desired vegetation. Additionally, a garden or lawn full of overgrown weeds can lower the curb appeal of your home. An unattended garden or lawn gives the impression of a neglected home.


    Unwanted vegetation and weeds can be a safety hazard. If weeds are allowed to overgrow, they can cover up road signs that are important for drivers. Or, rocks on pathways can be blocked, causing children and pedestrians to trip while walking.

    Health of Desired Vegetation

    Vegetation control is often a practice to keep your desired vegetation healthy. Known as ‘competing vegetation,’ weeds grow quickly and can start to soak up all the water, sunlight, and vitamins from the garden, causing your desired vegetation to wither and die.

    Vegetation Control: Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape

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