• Landscaping & Lawn Care Tips for Next Spring

    December 2, 2019
  • Lawn Care to Keep Weeds from Returning Next Spring in Springfield, IL?

    We all know that keeping a yard beautiful and trim is a task that’s certainly challenging. Especially, when the lawn, has an enemy that is seen in the cracks of your driveway, weeds. These pesky weeds, that spring up in your yard, along the fence line, or driveway are manageable. Therefore, you are not going to let those pesky weeds bully you. When in doubt, contact your local landscaping professionals for an expert solution to your lawn care problems.

    Lawn Care

    mowing the lawn helps prevent weed growth springfield illinoisLawn care is one of the first steps in preventing weeds from invading your property, here are a few steps to keep these pesky strains of green away from your lawn. Mow it often. Grass doesn’t stop growing, unless in the winter periods, which it then freezes over from the frost. Another tactical way to keep weeds from growing is mulch. Mulch prevents the sun’s rays from growing weed seeds. Additionally, this keeps your garden healthier.


    If doing it yourself provides too much effort, why not hire someone else to do it. Oh, nevertheless, you still need to get rid of some of those leaves here’s how.

    1. Have a professional show up and give your garden the proper healing. When they’re done, they leave your lawn loving you, and no weeds in sight.
    2. Landscaping companies will aerate your lawn by giving your lawn the needed oxygen for healthy growth.

    Weed Prevention

    Now we get to the main topic, weed prevention, you have your belt picked with different weed-killing sprays, yet they keep coming back. Here’s what you do.

    1. Feed Regularly, feeding your lawn regularly will prevent weeds from popping out of the ground. When the lawn shows signs of stress, it has a higher chance of being taken over by weeds. Therefore, it’s best to feed your lawn 6 to 8 weeks during the growing process.

    Weed Removal

    weed removal springfield illinoisSo, there’re two steps to removing weeds from your property.

    1. Pulling them from the root by hand, this is effective, but you may have a large yard. Also, weeds are like grass, and grass can cut you, so if you do this, wear gloves.
    2. Using a chemical product: this does stop weeds from returning, though some of these products may not be healthy for your pets or kids.