• How to improve your curb appeal with landscape design in Springfield, Illinois

    November 4, 2019
  • Improve Your Curb Appeal with Your Landscape

    the benefits of professional lawn care in springfield illinoisOne of the best ways to improve your curb appeal is to partner with a professional landscape design company in Springfield, Illinois. These landscaping professionals will transform the entire appearance of your lawn and significantly enhance the property value. These lawn care services are available year-round to ensure that you have one of the best looking homes in the entire neighborhood.

    Interested in learning more about landscaping services? Here are four simple ways that a landscape design company in Springfield, Illinois can improve the appearance of your home.

    #1 Create A Well-Maintained Lawn

    The front lawn is one of the first things that visitors will notice, and it is key to improving your curb appeal in the neighborhood. Mowing the grass on a regular basis, while always removing limbs and leaves is essential in keeping your yard in a pristine condition. Edging and trimming is also a fantastic way to keep your lawn neat and clean at all times.

    #2 Plant Flowers & Shrubs

    planting flowers in your landscape design improves your curb appeal springfield illinoisAnother great way to boost the curb appeal of your lawn is to have a wide variety of flowers that compliment the style of your home. Maintaining flower beds with fresh mulch makes it much easier to eliminate weeds, while also improving the looks of your house. A professional landscape design company will help you to install stunning flower beds that will keep your home beautiful throughout the entire year.

    #3 Landscape Grading

    Landscape grading is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of your lawn, especially if it is uneven in many areas. Landscape grading is also helpful if your yard struggles with water drainage. The landscape design professionals in Springfield, Illinois will discuss the best grading options for your lawn and ensure that you are well-satisfied with the finished product.

    #4 Trim Trees & Shrubs

    Taking care of the surrounding trees and shrubs is essential to landscaping. Many times trees and shrubs will need to be trimmed on a regular basis to maximize the curb appeal of your home. Trimming trees also ensures that the grass will have enough sunlight to continue to grow and ensure that you have a healthy lawn.

    Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape is one of the leading lawn care companies in Springfield, Illinois. We understand the importance of maintaining your lawn on a year-round basis to increase curb appeal and property value. Contact us today to learn more about our landscape design services!