• The Need-to-Know Facts about Insect Control for Your Lawn

    August 5, 2019
  • Insect Control for Your Landscape

    Your landscaping and lawn care efforts have a significant impact on your home’s appearance and even your home’s curb appeal. The best lawns are well-maintained and cared for. One of the most detrimental things to happen to your landscaping is a pest or insect infestation. Keep reading for some of the need-to-know facts about insect control for your Springfield, IL lawn.

    use child-friendly insect control products

    Child-Friendly Pest Control

    Most importantly of all, if you have children, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using pest control and insect control methods that are safe for your kids. Many pesticides on the market label themselves as natural but can still have harmful side effects. Do your research before purchasing any pesticide, fertilizer, or insect repellent by looking at reviews online.

    pet-friendly insect control products for your lawn

    Pet-Friendly Pest Control

    If you have a dog that loves to spend time on your lawn, you’re going to want to consider pest and insect control methods that are pet-friendly. There are many organic and natural options available, you just have to make sure to conduct some research. In general, we recommend you avoid the following pesticides for dogs:

    insect control in springfield, il

    Springfield, IL Pests

    When it comes to maintaining your landscaping and lawn care in Springfield, IL, there is a long list of insects and pests that are common to the area. According to local pest control companies, some common infestations you may experience in Springfield, IL include bed bugs, roaches, termites, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, ant-carpenters, carpenter bees, and rodents.

    integrated pest management

    Integrated Pest Management for your Lawn Care

    If you notice an insect or rodent problem in your lawn, it’s recommended you use an Integrated Pest Management approach. This is a pest control process rather than a product solution. First, identify what pests or insects you want to get rid of and learn about their behaviors and life cycles. Sometimes, it’s recommended to introduce the insects or pests’ natural enemies into your lawn. So, if you have a slug or snail infestation, you could introduce other insects to eat them. You can also research natural remedies such as essential oils and natural pest control methods rather than relying on chemicals.