• Proper lawn fertilization for your Springfield, IL home

    May 7, 2019
  • Your best tips for proper lawn fertilization in Springfield, IL

    It’s may in Springfield, IL, which means people everywhere are frantically trying to figure out how to grow a lush, green lawn that will look beautiful and stand up to high summer heat. Lawn fertilization is vital to growing the lawn that you’ve always wanted. But how does it work? What should you buy? How much should you spread? These are all questions that must be answered before you throw money away on products and equipment that you don’t need. With that in mind, take a look at the following tips that we can give you from lawn fertilization this spring, and don’t’ forget to call a trained professional to ensure it gets done right!

    lawn fertilization spreader

    Get the right amount

    The first tip is that you must understand how much fertilizer you need. If too much fertilizer is stretched over a large are of grass, it can be difficult for the fertilizer to adequately provide nutrients to the entire lawn. However, too much and your lawn will become flood with fertilizer, which could make growing things difficult. Most fertilizers have the amount of square footage that they cover printed on the bags. Measure your yard and follow the specifications by the manufacturer.

    lawn fertilization for healthy grass

    Know your grass

    Do you have cool season grass or warm season grass? Do you have Bermuda or fescue? When fertilizing your lawn, it’s important to understand what type of grass seed you have to ensure you choose the right fertilization product. While the wrong fertilization product may not completely kill your lawn, you won’t notice the same performance as you would if you bought the right product.

    spring lawn fertilization

    Get on a schedule

    Another important aspect of this is timing. Lawn fertilizer should be applied on a schedule at the proper time of year. Depending on the amount of sunlight you get, the time of the year and more, your grass will react differently to the fertilization if it’s not done at the proper time. A professional lawn care specialist will know this process and be able to provide the expertise needed to do it right.

    professional lawn fertilization

    Call a professional

    Fertilizing your lawn can be a frustrating and confusing process. Don’t waste time and money on products that you you don’t need and are using incorrectly. Call a local professional that understands the ins and outs of fertilization for a lush green lawn this year!