• Benefits of pre-emergent weed control for your lawn in Springfield, IL

    March 4, 2019
  • Experience the benefits of pre-emergent herbicides

    When it comes to growing a lush, beautiful lawn, herbicides are important to keeping out weeds that steal sunlight and water from your grass, flowers, trees and other landscaping. One answer to this is the use of commercial herbicides that are sprayed on when the weed emerges. However, there is another solution that can save you time and money. The answer? Pre-emergent weed killers that can kill those weeds before they even emerge from the ground. Sounds fishy? It’s completely legit! Read more about pre-emergent weed killers here and follow the links for additional nuggets of information!

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    How do they work?

    Liquid weed killer starts to work after it’s been applied to the ground and absorbed into the soil. It creates a chemical barrier that prohibits the seeds from germinating, growing and spreading. Herbicides can vary in their chemical composition and intended use, so it’s important to read labels. Additionally, they come in liquid and granular forms, but granules are easier to use if you’re applying at the start of the season.

    The Benefits

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    Stops Before it Starts

    The first benefit of pre-emergent weed killers is that it stops the problem before it starts. It can be tiresome and pointless to keep trying to spray the weeds as they come up. With this way, you apply it one time at the start of the season, and you have effective weed killing capabilities all season long without lifting a finger.

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    Saves Time on Labor

    Another benefit is that you’ll save time on labor. Think about it – a whole spring and summer season without pulling weeds on your hands and knees. What could you do with the time? What will you do with the time?

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    Saves Money on Supplies

    While you won’t have to spend time on labor, you also won’t have to keep running back to the store to spend money on more weed killer and supplies. While the cost for pre-emergent might be more up-front, it will save you in the long run.

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    Suitable for Large Plots

    Pre-emergent weed killers are the most suitable for large plots of land. The larger the plot of land, the longer it will take you to crawl around on your hands and knees and pick the individual weeds – just remember that!