• Lawn & Landscape Checklist for Springfield, IL Winter

    November 19, 2018
  • Here’s how you can prepare for the coming winter

    Ah, November… the air is crisp, the leaves have turned and you can feel the closeness of winter all around. However, November is not only about beautiful sights, comfy cardigans, and dreams of marshmallows floating on a cup of cocoa, it is also the time to prepare your lawn for winter by adhering to your November lawn and landscape checklist.

    Springfield, IL Lawn & Landscape Checklist

    Snow and ice in Springfield, IL can spell disaster for your lawn and landscaping, which means that you might end up paying a small fortune during the spring to fix the damage caused by the winter months. To prevent this, it is necessary to protect your lawn before the weather gets any colder, which is why we have compiled this small lawn and landscape checklist for you to prepare for the upcoming cold:

    • Fertilization: While it may appear that fertilizing your lawn in November is excessive, the truth is quite the opposite. Fertilizer will keep your grass survive the winter frost and will allow it to green up much faster once spring comes.
    • Reseeding: November is a good month to do any reseeding that might be necessary. The ground is still warm enough to do so, and the increase in precipitation works wonders at creating a beautiful lawn during the spring.
    • Clean Up: November is the perfect time to clean up your garden and remove any dead or diseased plants. You should also rake and remove dead leaves and brush because to prevent the smothering of your plants.
    • Pruning: Once your trees and shrubs have lost their foliage, their structure will become visible. At this point, prune away any extended or unstable branches that might break off from the weight of winter snow and ice.
    • Protecting beds and flowers: One of the best things you can do for your flower beds during November is to add mulch. Doing so will keep the roots of your flowers protected by insulating them from the extreme cold.

    Preparing your lawn and landscaping for winter can be hard work. In Springfield, IL, leave it up to Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape for a professional job that you can count on!