• Springfield, IL fall cleanup tips for your lawn

    October 15, 2018
  • Fall is a typically messy time of year for landscapes in Springfield, IL. However, not every home and business owner enjoys spending their free time in the damp and chilly October air raking leaves and putting their landscape and garden to bed for the winter. Fall cleanup isn’t just important from an aesthetic point of view. Cleaning debris from your yard and garden is an important measure for maintaining the health of your lawn and plantings. Here’s how a professional landscaper helps you keep your Springfield, IL, property looking its best.

    Debris Removal

    Removing leaves and other organic debris is a cornerstone of any fall cleanup. An abundance of leaves can smother your grass and perennials, detracting from their health. In some cases, thick mats of leaves that aren’t cleaned up in the fall will kill your grass and leave you with a muddy mess in the spring. Leaves can be removed from your landscape altogether or mulched and placed in your compost pile.

    Aside from leaves, it’s important to remove other debris from your landscape and garden. Fall storms often knock down large branches and piles of brush may adorn your yard. Removing branches and twigs in the fall saves you the trouble of cleaning them up in the spring. In addition, it’s important to clean up any dead plant materials to keep from hindering the growth of live plants.

    Protect Plants

    While many plants growing in your Springfield, IL, landscape may require no special care before winter, others may need some protection from the elements. Freezing can cause plant damage. Mulching around the base of vulnerable plants can help, but sometimes measures like cloth or plastic barriers are needed. If you have young plants growing in your yard or garden, you should mulch these too.

    Trim Branches

    If you have any problematic branches that are overly large or dying, you should consider trimming them during the fall. These branches can lead to property damage if they’re knocked down during a winter storm. Also, fall is a great time to trim back overgrown perennials and shrubs too.

    Thorough fall cleanup is important for maintaining the health and beauty of your Springfield, IL, landscape. Make Custom Taylor’d your source for fall and spring cleanup services!