• Tips for dethatching in the Springfield, IL Area

    September 17, 2018
  • The term thatch refers to dead turf grass. Thatch could be harming the health and attractive appearance of your lawn. Thatch prevents essential nutrients and water from reaching the living grassroots. When it comes to long-term lawn care, dethatching is essential for keeping your Springfield, IL, landscape thriving and looking its best. But what is it, and how do you do it? Read on for more details!

    What is dethatching?

    Dethatching simply refers to the removal of thatch. Thatch layers that are more than ¼ of an inch thick should be removed. Some thatch between the blades of grass and soil may be beneficial for locking in moisture during extreme weather conditions, but too much thatch will harm your lawn. This can be a DIY landscaping job. However, if you have a large lawn or simply don’t have the time to dethatch, a landscaper can do the job efficiently and effectively.

    How to dethatch your lawn

    Before dethatching your lawn, mow it to its usual height. You will need to decide whether to rent a machine to dethatch or to use a rake. If you have a large property in Springfield, IL, you might want to consult your landscaper or rent the right equipment. Hiring a landscaper to perform the work might be more time-saving and cost-effective than renting a machine to do it yourself.

    When using a rake, the process is simple – the tines should reach into the thatch, and you should pull upward to remove it. You may need to go over particularly thick thatch-laden areas a second time. As you rake, you should actually feel that thatch lifting up from the soil.  Once you dethatch the lawn, you should remove the loosened debris from your yard.

    After you dethatch your lawn, water, nutrients, and improved air circulation will improve the health and wellbeing of your grass. In fact, you’re likely to note that soil drainage is improved as well.

    Keep in mind that Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape can perform dethatching for your Springfield, IL, home or business property. With periodic dethatching, you can enhance the look of your lawn.