• Springfield, IL Lawn Care: All About Slit Seeding

    August 20, 2018
  • Slit seeding is a tried-and-true method to repair a poor lawn. If your yard has bald spots, ruts, and weeds, you’ll find that the most efficient way to boost growth is with the help of a slit seed machine. Even if you’ve already attempted to fill in the patches with grass seed but met with little or no success, slit seeding is frequently the remedy to a tough lawn situation. Before you rip out all your grass and replace it with sod, give seeding a chance. A lush green lawn may take over your Springfield, IL, landscape sooner than you think.

    What Is Slit Seeding?

    Landscapes use a slit seeding machine to cut small indentations throughout the yard. Seeds are planted within these indentations and fed with water and the just-right amount of fertilizer. Slit seeding usually requires less seed than broadcast seeding, another lawn repair method. The great thing about slit seeding is that it’s cost-effective. In fact, this seeding method for your lawn costs 1/3 of the price to rip it out and replace it. If your lawn is looking worn out, it’s likely the ideal candidate for slit seeding.

    Initial Tasks

    Before you attempt to slit seed, it’s important to perform a few important chores first. First, you have to assess your lawn to determine what caused it to grow poorly in the first place. Are trees crowding out sunlight? How is the condition of the soil? Does your yard have adequate air circulation and good drainage? It can be helpful to have a professional landscaper help you assess why your lawn is struggling. They can provide you with the remedies you need to correct the issues that may be sabotaging your lawn. Next, before you slit seed, you should remove any thatch. Aerating your lawn can break up the lawn and thatch so that water and fertilizer can enhance grass growth.


    After seeding takes place, you should discuss your lawn’s care needs with your landscaper. Usually, it’s important to do a heavy watering to ensure the seeds settle well into the grooves cut by the slit seeding machine. Then, it’s often necessary to water your lawn lightly each day for about two weeks. After seed germination takes place, you should water less often, but more deeply to ensure that water penetrates well into the soil.

    You can achieve a gorgeous lawn for your Springfield, IL, home by slit seeding. Be sure to discuss this option Custom Taylor’d Lawn before you replace your lawn with sod.