• Reasons for summer pruning in Springfield, IL

    July 20, 2018
  • Summer is right around the corner, which means that before long flowers, trees and other plants will be growing out of control. Overgrowth may also be dangerous to nearby plants mostly because the larger ones will block their access to sunlight and moisture. Moreover, pruning and trimming your flowers and fruit trees can translate into important benefits for your landscaping.

    Check out these summer pruning tips!

    • Trimming vigorous spring growth: Most plants go through a phase of vigorous growth during the spring after being dormant during the winter. The problem is that these branches will be less productive than others, so removing them will encourage the more abundant growth of buds and flowers.
    • Preventing disease: Summer trimming helps prevent disease and fungal problems in trees and plants. It also helps to remove any weak portions and branches that may be prone to rotting and weakness.
    • Removing old branches: The older branches on trees and shrubs will dominate over younger ones, limiting the production of flowers and fruits. The summer months are a good time to trim the old branches to allow the young ones to grow, which guarantees a more abundant production in the coming years
    • Restricting growth: In a well-organized garden, nothing looks worse than an overgrown bush or tree. Trimming and pruning will ensure your plants do not overgrow their space and interfere with the growth of others.
    • Promoting flowering: Removing the tangled branches of flowering plants will increase flower production, it is also a good way to guide the growth of climbing plants.
    • Training plants: When your goal is to create a strong framework for your plants, pruning and trimming during the plant’s younger years will help train your plants while creating sturdier and healthier branches and promoting flowering.
    • Removing problems: The random growth of branches and plants can create unwanted problems, including weak, crossing or damaged limbs; this also promotes disease, which is why summer pruning will create healthier and sturdier plants that will bring you enjoyment and beautiful sights for a very long time.

    Summer pruning is a task that is normally overlooked. It can also be difficult and tiring, which is why when you are located in the Springfield, IL area, your best bet is to give Custom Taylor’d Lawn & Landscape a call and allow the experts to take care of all your landscaping problems efficiently and effectively for a lawn you can enjoy for many years to come!