• Reasons for dormant pruning in Springfield, IL

    March 26, 2018
  • dormant pruning springfield ilHow dormant pruning can help you

    Regularly pruning trees and shrubberies enhances their health, which helps ensure a longer lifespan. Many people understand this, but they don’t realize that trees and shrubs should be pruned while dormant. This means the job needs to be completed during the winter months. Learn more about the benefits of dormant pruning and winter landscaping.

    Dormant pruning is easier for your landscaper

     It’s a common misconception that pruning trees and bushes are tasks that can’t be completed during the winter months. However, dormant pruning is actually preferred by many landscapers, especially with trees. During the winter months, the limbs are lighter and easier to handle.

    Trees are easier to impact in the winter

     Once the leaves fall from your trees, the trunk and limbs are more visible. This makes it easier to identify trees with diseased or damaged wood. If the diseased or damaged wood is caught early enough, it’s possible to save the tree. This means your trees are more likely to live longer.

    Trees aren’t as susceptible to disease and insects in the winter

     Another reason why dormant pruning is preferable is that harmful, disease-carrying insects aren’t around during the winter. When you prune your trees and shrubs in warmer months, insects are often attracted to the fresh pruning cuts and bruises, which spreads mold, mildew, and disease.

    Improves new spring growth

     Most people wait until spring to hire landscapers to care for their flowers and plants, trim the trees and bushes, and handle regular lawn maintenance. However, by hiring a landscaper to prune your trees and shrubs while they are dormant, you can actually improve the new spring growth.

    If you wait until after new growth begins to tackle the pruning, it limits the blooming potential for the year — this is actually true for plants, as well as trees and bushes. Dormant pruning is less stressful for your trees, bushes, and plants, so new spring and summer growth is likely to be more robust.

    While trimming your bushes and trees may still be necessary for summer, don’t wait to hire a good landscaper. It’s easy to find landscapers in the Springfield, IL area who have the knowledge and experience needed for dormant pruning and other imperative winter landscaping tasks.