• Reasons to hire a professional landscaper in Springfield, IL

    February 26, 2018
  • Reap the benefits of hiring a professional landscaper for your Springfield, IL home

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    A great landscape is no easy feat. Unless you have plenty of time to design, install, and maintain your property’s plants and other features, it can be challenging to achieve the attractive landscape you crave. A professional landscaper will offer the experience and design expertise needed to create landscapes that enhance the look of your property and even increase its value. Get to know some reasons why it’s always helpful to work with a professional landscaper.


    A professional landscaper will offer expert knowledge about plants. For instance, they are well aware of the native plants around Springfield, IL, which are likely to thrive in your landscape. They understand each plant’s needs and what places on your property might suit each plant. Knowing the best spots for certain plants can help decrease maintenance and increase curb appeal.


    A professional landscaper will understand design principles. They can assess your property to find the ideal plantings and hardscaping features that will enhance the look of your home. They can also work with you to achieve the ideal landscape you’re looking for.

    Competitive Pricing

    Some customers mistakenly believe that it’s bound to be cheaper if they take the DIY route. However, many landscape contractors have access to discounted materials because they purchase in bulk. They understand when to take advantage of the deals due to established relationships with vendors.


    A pro landscaping company can also assemble a crew to install your new landscape in a couple of days. Customers who attempt this work might require weeks to get the job done. Because our landscape crews are highly skilled, they can get the work done efficiently.

    A poor landscape can detract from your home’s curb appeal and even impact the value of your property. When you work with a professional landscaper in Springfield, IL, you can count on their insight and experience. Whether you need small-scale or large-scale landscaping for your home or commercial property, Custom Taylor’d Lawn has pro landscapers ready to take on your project!